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A major attribute of Bien-Air micromotors is their elevated power output with constant torque for effective and effortless use. Accurate Control. The proprietary Smart Logic™ electronic control provides Bien-Air micromotors a step-less and vibration-less rotation, allowing for the most meticulous and précisé dental work. A new optimized design. The use of the latest generation magnets enhance the perfomance of the MX2 Plus micromotor. The result is unparalleled balance and comfort, more power and perfect control on speed and torque. Shock resistant Optimized light intensity and colour temperature for a better comfort during your operations. Maintenance-Free. Bien-Air micromotors’ bail bearings are greased for life, making no further greasing necessary. MX2 PLUS has been succesfully tested at 10'OOO working cycles, making proof of withstanding repeated sterilization cycles to respect the strictest hygiene standards.

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