Where It All Started

Our History

In 2014, after over twenty years in the medical imaging and dental industry, Todd Hadley started ProDental with the belief that focusing on service was how he could set himself apart from the competition. Having access to an expert and responsive service team that keeps a practice up and running was an expectation that many dental professionals had given up on. Todd’s commitment to quality and timely service has allowed ProDental to help hundreds of practices succeed and grow.

With the mantra that "ProDental is pro-dentist," Todd laid the bedrock for a company that many dental professionals prefer over national companies that don’t value them. 

Today, ProDental is a full-service dental company that provides everything from equipment sales to service with our commitment to quality service being paramount to our work. ProDental services every practice with that priority regardless of their size or the volume of their purchases.

Since we go above and beyond for our customers, we also offer complete office design with blueprints, land procurement, project management, and practice consulting. ProDental wants to help you build a foundation for continued success.

Trust ProDental to put your practice first.


Our Vision

ProDental provides professional service and support for Dental Professionals and Practice Owners. Our bottom line is our relationship with our doctors and their .

ProDental is ProDentist.

ProDental is ProDentist

Why Choose Us?

We like to work one on one with our doctors to find out how to help them succeed.

Quick Service

We provide fast, professional service to all practices regardless of the size of your office or the size of your order.

Emergency Ready

Emergencies happen, which is why we carry equipment in stock for emergencies, such as vacuums, compressors, and sterilizers.


IT Support

Our support team is always on hand to help you, whether it's on the phone or in person. We also provide HIPPA training and HIPAA-compliant data backup.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing and financing on dental equipment. Get what you need when you need it.

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